Generations Preschool & Childcare


Infants are provided age appropriate activities which promotes cognitive, social and physical development in a nurturing environment.


For Toddlers, the center offers playtime, and learning through teacher and child initiated activities and self-exploration.  Toddlers are provided daily playtime and nurturing throughout the day.

Early Preschool

Early Preschoolers are provided with daily activities in a learning environment which develops a child’s early academic skills.  Focus is directed on providing an atmosphere which engages their curiosity and enhances their social/emotional, cognitive, physical, and language development skills.


Curriculum is designed to prepare Preschoolers for School.  Our curriculum is unique and at times “hands-on”, to assist children in discovering their many talents.  Children are encouraged to use their productive thinking skills which, allows them to work up to their fullest potential.

Before/After School

This is a time when our children will be able to relax, and/or play.  Children will be offered activities to display their creative are talents, and will also be given the opportunity to play as well.  Homework and tutoring services are also offered during this time.

Summer Programs

Parents can enjoy the peace of mind and convenience of having a local neighborhood center to leave their children during the summer months.  This is a time when children can explore, be creative, have free play activities, socialize and make new friends, and just have good old fashion fun in a safe and nurturing environment.